In-House Testing Lab

In-house Testing Lab
Our LED light boards are rigorously inspected with an automated, high-speed camera system and are efficiently tested for its functionality. After the inspection it leads to 'Conformal Coating', a process to provide moisture barrier to the sensitive components with the help a robotic system for selective coating.
Adding to 100% functional testing, fixtures undergo a number of specialized tests and evaluation. It includes Leak Testing, Burn-In Testing along with Long-Term Testing.

The Leak Testing
We implement leak test inspection for our outdoor products. This test is conducted using an extremely sensitive measurement system that uses pressurization and a gaseous mix to verify the proper sealing for each and every product.

Burn-In Testing
The burn-in testing process assists us in verifying the functionality of our products at various temperature and over the time (24 Hours in-general).

Long Term Testing
We test our products at elevated temperatures to observe the lumen maintenance and measure the performance of the product over time.
Similar process is followed for every product i.e it has to go through an extensive testing regimen for performance and safety. It covers Luminous Flux, Input Power, Luminous Efficacy, CCT, CRI, Driver Efficiency, Power Factor, Harmonic distortion, High voltage, Insulation Resistance, EMC, ESD,Ground Bond, Temperature and Humidity tests etc. Everything in our in-house Lab.